Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Mini Skateboard Competition

Normally after we meet for class, the kids will skateboard on the abandoned tennis court for a while. Its just a flat sidewalk so all they really do is go around it, or do some random tricks in the middle. It was an incredibly hot day and I was ready to go after 5 minutes, we had no shade and it was a million degrees hot, but the kids insisted we have a competition. I laughed because there is not much you can do here, but we made up some rules, when it wasn't their turn to compete we had them create obstacles by becoming the "rip current." We are all about lifesaving terms now, teaching them what it means and we had others creating obstacles. What it mainly came down to was balance and if you were able to stay on the board and maneuver your board around those in your way then you won. I thought it was a bit cheesy but they loved it, two hours later in the heat we had a winner. We were all shocked that it was our youngest girl Aisha. 

The kids watching on waiting to see who wins this round.

Our 1st and 2nd place winner! They didn't want prizes but I took them to the shop and they picked out their favorite cookies and a lollipop.

All of our competitors!

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