Monday, February 9, 2009

so many projects, so little time.

i should have probably written more of our move, but i hate i will skip to the settling in. i feel as though we have so much to do still, but mainly my room is done (aside from random projects that are lying around) and my next space of the house i have been working on is a lil' venessa space in the garage that i like to call my working area. so far, i have yet to do any work in it. my reasons: its cold (maybe i should invest in a snuggie), i have to transfer my craft boxes downstairs (they are heavy and disorganized), and it doesn't feel at home yet.
so today, i am making myself time to make it my place. first order of business, finish my cork-board with pictures and people who inspire me or take me to that happy place. i got embroidery, buttons, and wire...i am just going to go at it. And because i have this addiction to incorporate every part of my life with a book that i love, i just had to pick this passage to be the theme that tied all the pictures together. let's see if i actually get this thing done today.

"And so there would always be more to remember that could no longer be seen. This is one of the things I can tell you that I have learned: Our life is in some way marginal to our own doings, and our doings are marginal to the greater forces that are always at work. Our history is always returning to a little patch of weeds and saplings with an old chimney sticking up by itself. And I can tell you a further thing that I have learned, and here I look ahead to the resting of my case: I love the house that belonged to the chimney, holding it bright in memory, and I love the saplings and the weeds."

~Wendall Berry (Jayber Crow)