Thursday, June 30, 2011


working on some new shirts to sell to help me raise support for bangladesh in september. these shirts were created to spark the baloha spirit amongst our communities. baloha fuses together STN Hawaii's island spirit with the warmth of the Bangladesh Surf Club. It comes from the word "aloha" which means hello, love, and life and the bangla word "balo" which means good.

i will be selling the shirts at the alive art show on july 18th (with some other creations). i am also doing mail-orders and if your interested in buying one to help support me in going to bangladesh then you can e-mail me at: and you can either write a check or send money to me through paypal, and send it to or at : venessa rude; c/o surfing the nations; p.o. box 860366; wahiawa, hi. 96786.

the shirts are $20 plus an additional $2 for shipping and handling:) i will post up more pictures soon of the other stuff i made.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


forgot to post this up, but thought i would share it now.

we have a live art show coming up in a couple of weeks and i will be selling a few things at it to fundraise my way back to bangladesh:) i will post up some of the stuff this weekend and if your interested in any of the things you can contact me at