Friday, August 28, 2015

KFC time!

Nargis and Shobe Majaraz both did an amazing job on their vocabulary test, and little did they know that they would get rewarded with dinner at KFC.  The officially know how to read and write 50 english words. So proud of them!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A flashback glimpse of our visit with Clowns Without Borders

Clowns Without Borders visits the Cox's Bazar Lifesaving and Surfing Club from Surfing in Bangladesh on Vimeo.

Back in April we had the wonderful privilege of having Clowns Without Borders visit Bangladesh. At the time, they had a lot of things planned with the refugee camps, but they had a hard time getting permission, so our friend Marcia was able to get them to visit us:) I finally finished the video and am able to show you.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, my first concern was the language barrier, whether or not the kids would laugh and have fun....I don't know why I even worried about it because they were a hit and I don't think there was a minute that someone wasn't laughing. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Exam Prepping

Its been raining a lot, so our tennis court is full of water so we can't meet there. So thanks to my friend Emily, who gave us her birthday money, now we can meet inside this restaurant and the girls can have a snack and prep for their upcoming vocabulary test on Saturday!

Full stomachs!

He loves embarrassing the girls and ruining their pictures.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Food Donations

The girls received their food donations for their families from their supporters at the GoFund me page. Its funny to watch them pile up and sit on each other and their food bags as they head home. 

Rashed and Kamrul grabbed the food for them the night before since it takes a few hours to organize in the bags. The girls show up the next morning to pick it up.

Our junior surfer boys are amazing and they always come over to help load the food bags and escort the girls home to make sure they have the help to carry the bags up the hill. 

Monday, August 10, 2015


A while back the surf club received a message from a woman in Australia named Josette, she had seen a video of the girls surfing and showed it to her 10 year old daughter Poppy. Both her daughters are surfers and part of a team at school and Poppy felt inspired to do something to help. They sent rash guards with the club name and leggings, some rash guards for our boys and other fun gifts for them. The kids were blown away that a 10 year old girl would want to do something to help them:)

Enus wearing his "Santa Cruz Junior Lifeguard" shorts, thanks to my amazing friend Laura who sent them with me. This was a pretty big deal for them to show them pictures of kids in California that are participating in lifesaving trainings and competitions.

Already putting their new outfits to use, they didn't waste time jumping in the water. They were easy for all of us to keep an eye on!

I'm Back!!!

Made it back to Bangladesh after a much needed break in California with my family and friends. Went to the beach to bring some of the goodies that people sent back with me, my friend Tamara who visited last year sent the girls some nail polishes. They went crazy over the colors, and painted their nails at the beach, despite sand that was flying everywhere in the wind.