Wednesday, May 25, 2011

after hours....

i had so much footage from this last week, that it led to this lil' video. it covers our graduation with the interns, after work hours, our local prayer time, and feeding the hungry.

we leave tomorrow for our big sls adventure trip on the big island. we will spend a few days backpacking on the south side of the island, so please pray for our safety and the unity of our team.

in other news, my madre got married this last weekend! dave and her tied the knot at a chapel in vegas, i will have to post some pictures from their special day....i was disappointed i couldn't be there but hope to go home in september for her 50th birthday!

if you could also throw up some prayer for me, its been a rough couple of weeks and i have not been fully present here in my heart, so pray that i would serve wahiawa with my whole heart and for preparation for bangladesh in september!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

the last two weeks......

so i am trying to be better about making videos every few weeks of stn moments....most of them are on our time off, but i have a little on here from our colors of hope art show (which includes a clip of some of my pictures) and a parade we were in for the pineapple festival for wahiawa. a couple of our ulupono kids hopped in the truck with us and joined us and we all volunteered nd took surveys at the fair. hope to get more of these up:) enjoy:)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

big wednesday!

we do this wonderful thing called "BIG WEDNESDAY" on wednesdays, and a person gets the opportunity to share about something they love or are passionate about for about an since cinco de mayo was the following day, i decided to do mine cinco de mayo style...pinata and all!! this was the first time for some of our swedes to experience how great a pinata is a video from our day!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

our art show...

so i made this little video on my phone of our art show, wanted to give you a taste of our night!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

our 'ohai ho'ike art show was a hit and not even the rain could keep the people from showing up and the kids from dancing. the bar where we usually meet was turned into a coffee lounge with live music by two of our wonderfully talented interns and our new building that was once a porn shop was transformed to a art gallery and a stage for the kids to perform their tahitian dancing and music. the kids had the biggest smiles as they walked around the walls that displayed their beautiful art. the rooms were crowded and the atmosphere was perfect and we are excited for the recognition our kids got last night. we are stoked for our next event! thanks to everyone who made it out!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5th Annual Freedom Surf Contest!!!

We just wrapped up our 5th annual freedom surf contest and it was a huge success! we were so blessed to have some amazing sponsors who were so generous to donate brand new surfboards, paddles, and clothes! the crowd and contestants were great and all of our sun-burned volunteers worked their butts off but still had joyful attitudes!

i was assigned to kid's activities, so we ran the games every hour for the families. we had tug-o-war, water balloon tosses, and a was hilarious watching people! i will be posting up more pictures up soon from the event and the new video that the media team is working on!